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Have you ever done your laundry

and opened up the door,


to find that you have fewer socks

than you had before?


🐙 Join a chilly little octopus on his quest to keep his eight little feet warm! 


🌊 Follow his journey as he unwittingly gets sucked up into a mysterious pipe and lands in a surprising place: a washing machine filled with colourful, snuggly socks! 


🧦 Witness as the Socktopus decides to take home eight different socks, one for each of his feet (so THAT'S where all those socks disappear to from your washing machines!) With lively illustrations by Marta Taylor and a heartening narrative, children will revel in the Socktopus's journey to find warmth and contentment.


✨ This enchanting story is a perfect addition to bedtime routines. "The Socktopus" invites young readers to embark on a whimsical adventure where warmth, happiness, and snug socks await!


Written by Rosie Pickering & Illustrated by Marta Taylor


Perfect for children aged 2-7


"An absolutely charming story - beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated. I’ve been reading this book to my three-year-old granddaughter and she loves it. Thoroughly recommend." - Amazon Customer

The Socktopus

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