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About Little Pixie

Hi! I'm Rosie, the founder of Little Pixie Publishing and the author of The Socktopus stories and The Jumblebees.

I have always loved stories. From an early age my parents encouraged me to learn how to read and gave me access to hundreds of books. I would often be found curled up somewhere cosy with a book and bedtime stories were a highlight of my childhood - especially when my dad would put on different voices and accents, much to the delight of me and my siblings.

At university I studied Acting and then went on to receive a Masters in Shakespeare and Creativity. After graduating, I started working for a company that specialises in delivering drama workshops for people with learning disabilities. It took me a while to realise that at the heart of all of my studies and work were, and still are, stories. Telling stories, performing stories, writing stories, reading stories, studying stories - I just can't get enough of stories!

In the first Covid-19 lockdown I began working from home and, as I usually travel a lot for work, I suddenly found myself with more spare time than usual. As someone who always needs to keep her hands and mind busy, I found myself writing and illustrating a children's book, The Socktopus, and Little Pixie Publishing was born! 

Now that I've started sharing my children's stories with the world, I can't imagine I will ever stop. I am passionate about igniting children's imaginations through tales of kindness and acceptance and I am excited to find out where these stories will take me. I hope you enjoy coming along for the journey!



Mini me, happily reading Andy Pandy without a care in the world...


Me now! 


My cat, Pudding

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