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If you're sitting in your garden and you hear a noise that's buzzy,

and you see some little insects that are gold and black and fuzzy,

with beady eyes and busy wings and little hairy knees,

then lucky're in the presence of the Jumblebees!


✨Bumble into a world buzzing with joy and charm in this enchanting picture book! 


🐝 Explore the vibrant world of the Jumblebees and discover their delightful diversity. This book isn't just about bees; it's a celebration of uniqueness, teaching children to embrace differences and find beauty in every individual.


🌼 Join the fun and learn not to fear these fuzzy friends but to befriend them instead! Through playful rhymes and captivating illustrations, "The Jumblebees" imparts a heartwarming lesson: understanding and appreciating what makes us different makes the world a more wonderful place.


Written and illustrated by Rosie Pickering


Perfect for children aged 0-5


"I won this lovely book in an Instagram competition and it's my new favourite, even though my daughter called me the grumblebee! It's heart-warming and beautifully written with lovely illustrations. Its story and message is lovely and I fully recommend buying it." - Instagram Giveaway Winner

The Jumblebees

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