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"Alexander Pawsworth is no ordinary bear, he's had many different owners and he's been most everywhere!"


‘The Adventures of Alexander Pawsworth’ is a delightful picture book that captures the magic of childhood and the bond between a teddy bear and his many owners. This enchanting rhyming book is a treasure trove of adventure, love, and the enduring charm of a pre-loved toy.


The book is a true labour of love, with whimsical rhyming verse written by Rosie Pickering, brought to life through classic watercolour illustrations by her mother, Elaine.


Whether you're looking for a cherished bedtime story, a heartfelt gift for a new parent, or a nostalgic reminder of the toys we all once loved, "The Adventures of Alexander Pawsworth" is a perfect choice. It's a book that children will adore and parents will treasure for years to come.


Join Alexander Pawsworth on his journey of love, adventure, and timeless charm. Order your copy today and let the adventures begin!


Perfect for children aged 0-5.

The Adventures of Alexander Pawsworth

Shipping from 1st July
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